Why Australians Might Want to Re-Think Going Abroad for Hair Transplant Surgery


Believe it or not, most Australians travel abroad for hair transplant surgery as the associated costs continue to rise down under. It’s true, hair transplant surgery is certainly not cheap and destinations such as Turkey offer an attractive alternative for those wanting to find something more affordable.

In fact, the average cost of hair transplant in Australia is between $12,000 and $18,000, and sometimes higher depending on the circumstances. Meanwhile, the head of tourism recently stated that more than 60,000 health tourists arrived in Turkey last year for hair transplant surgery.

But what about the risks involved with hair transplant abroad and what might this mean for you?

The truth is, there are some very real dangers and risks associated with traveling aboard for hair transplant. As for what this might mean to you, let’s take a closer look at the process.

Taking a Closer Look at Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad

According to recent statistics, most Australians travel to Turkey where the surgeons are fully certified and just as competent as what you might find in the United States and Europe. More specifically, hair transplant surgery can cost less than $5,000 which is far less than in Australia.

Just so you know, the cost of surgery is partly due to the low cost of living in Turkey but also competition and a large number of hair transplant clinics.

But that’s just part of the story…

In order to know the risks or dangers of this intricate surgery, it’s important to better understand the inner workings of the hair transplant industry in a place like Turkey.

The Risks and Dangers of Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

You see, hair transplant surgery is a process through which a doctor can help nurture new hair growth for the patient. More specifically, this doctor will make thousands of minor incisions on the scalp and then insert hair focilles that were extracted from elsewhere in the back of the head.

Straightforward – right?


Hair transplant surgery is an excellent way to combat baldness and improve appearance but only when it works. That is to say, technicians have been known to botch these operations which can cause infection. As if that’s not enough, hair can grow in the wrong direction when this surgery is not carried out the right way and long term scarring is always a possibility in such cases.

According to Tastmel, many clinics in Turkey are under pressure in terms of keeping up with demand. What’s more, the low fees for surgery have led to unlawful practice in the industry.

As a rule, this means that some clinics hire in-qualified technicians to perform hair transplant surgery. In fact, nurses and technicians will often take charge of these important operations and you might not even meet an actual doctor – until a problem arises.

Unfortunately, many inspectors from the Health Ministry ignore these issues in return for a bribe which completes a vicious win-lose circle within the industry. Needless to say, the clinic wins, while the loser is most likely any person paying for the hair transplant surgery.

Still set on heading for Turkey? Anyway, hair transplant surgery is cheap in Turkey – none disputes this point. But you simply cannot take risks when it comes to surgery and most especially one that will alter your physical appearance.

The Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery in Sydney

Now, that’s not to say you won’t want to go ahead with a hair transplant but rather to explain why you might want to undergo this procedure in Australia. Needless to say, there are more benefits:

Confidence and Mental Health – Hair transplant surgery is not just a means of improving the physical appearance of an individual. In other words, a hair transplant can increase confidence and any sense of well-being.

No Special Maintenance Required – You will not need any chemicals or shampoos to treat this hair, for the transplanted hairs are just the same as any other.

One-Time Operation – It’s also a one-time process which means that you can also save on the cost of similar hair products, not to mention the time it takes to implement or apply any of these measures.

How the Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery is Calculated

In case you might be asking yourself, the cost of hair transplant surgery depends on the size of the area and extent of thickness that you wish to achieve. When it comes to hair transplant in Sydney, the best surgeons take extra care in terms of scalp anatomy, facial proportions, and precision.

Although fully certified, these surgeons are also highly skilled and experienced with more than enough testimonials behind them. Also, while the average cost of hair transplant in Sydney might be in excess of $12,000, there are also extremely reliable clinics that can get the job done for less.

Either way, the cost is entirely dependent on your specific needs and it’s always best to contact the clinic directly to receive a more accurate quotation.

But wait; there’s more…

Why More Australians are Staying at Home for Hair Transplant Surgery

You see, hair transplant surgery in Australia will most often come with some sort of guarantee. For instance, most transplanted hairs (95%) can survive for more than two years. However, if an excessive amount continues to fall out, certain surgeries will replace these hairs for free.

At the same time, affordable surgery rates in Australia do exist and many surgeries offer an interest-free payment system to their clients. With this in mind, more and more Australians are opting for the peace of mind and choosing to stay at home when it comes to their hair transplant surgery.

Let’s be honest, the cost of surgery abroad can seem enticing to many Australians but the potential dangers cannot be ignored. After all, you want the professionals, not an unqualified technician.

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