AIHR Hair Transplant Testimonial

    review rating 5  “I am pleased with the result of the hair transplant. Over a few months prior, I had noticed the hair on the top of my head thinning and it was becoming very apparent. After thinking on it for a while, I looked around and decided to go to AIHR for a hair transplant. They were professional in their approach and kept me informed every step of the way. It wasn’t a painful procedure and now the result is quite improved from when I went in for the first appointment. The transplant was done around 12 months ago. Looking at my hair now, I am impressed by the improved result along with the professional approach which AIHR uses. I would recommend them to people who are looking to have a hair transplant in the near future. Sincerely”

    thumb John U

    review rating 5  It’s been a very pleasant experience with Dr. Andrew and his team. They handle everything professionally yet efficiently. Dr. Andrew explains all my questions and concerns very clearly during consultation. I just did my surgery yesterday and all went well as Dr. Andrew described so far. Can’t wait to see the progress!

    thumb Kevin Dong

    review rating 4  Dr Kim only did one procedure a day, so he really took great care of his work. He also gave me realistic expectation after the procedure. He also explained to me in detail about the side effects of finasteride. Anna was very quick with her responses to my concern pre and post op. Dr Kim also gave me extra grafts which was definite a big bonus. 6 months after the procedure , one side of my head is now less dense than the other , either because it hasn’t reached full density yet or the grafts didn’t survive. Either way I’ve been promised to have more grafts transplanted if things wont turn out as great as I expected, so that’s not a big worry. Post facial swelling due to anesthetics was a bit of a surprise. Would certainly appreciate to be warned about this before hand. Lucky it only lasted for about 1 week.

    thumb Jaydon Nguyen



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