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by Dr Andrew Kim, FUT Hair Transplant Surgeon

Why You Should Go For FUT Hair Transplant Technique?

Hair loss – just the mere thought of it brings about a great sense of alarm and fear. Definitely, it is a living nightmare. Good thing it is not a bad dream you cannot wake up from. Hair transplant surgery offers a permanent solution in combating the dreaded baldness and replace the hair you have lost. But, there is a big debate going on: which hair restoration technique is the best for your condition?

Let us put focus on Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT hair transplant technique and give you the facts straight and direct. At the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration in Sydney, the FUT technique is performed by board-certified and hair restoration expert, Dr. Andrew Kim.

Brief Definition About FUT

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is one of the two techniques used in hair transplant surgery. Also referred to as Single Strip Harvesting, the technique involves incising a strip of tissue from the donor site containing follicular units before carefully transplanting them to the receiving or balding area.

AIHR Hair transplant procedure
  • Donor Tissue Extraction

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is one of the two techniques used in hair transplant surgery. Also referred to as Single Strip Harvesting, the technique involves incising a strip of tissue from the donor site containing follicular units before carefully transplanting them to the receiving or balding area.

  • Dissection

The strip of donor hair is then meticulously subdivided in individual hair grafts by our experienced team of hair technicians using a series of stereo-microscope. The grafts are segregated according to the number of hairs and are stored in a solution to preserve the integrity and extend the viability of the hair grafts. The dissected grafts are then kept at a controlled temperature to ensure maximum survival while the recipient site is prepared for transplantation.

  • Recipient Site Transplantation

Prior to the insertion or transplantation of the individual hair grafts, the recipient or balding site will be administered with anesthesia. Following this, minute lateral slits are created, enough to create a snug fit of the grafts and the surrounding skin. To ensure natural-looking results and coverage, Dr. Kim thoroughly places the follicular units considering the natural growth of the existing hair. Dr. Kim will meticulously position the 1 to 2 hair grafts to create a soft hairline and the 3 to 4 hair grafts to produce volume and density.

  • Downtime & Recovery

The FUT hair transplant is considered to be an invasive technique, as it involves incising on the donor site. This usually requires at least seven (7) days recovery time for the incision to begin to heal and the sutures or staples removed. On the other hand, the recipient site will have minor scabbing, which usually subsides after 2 to 3 days. As such, you will be advised to refrain from performing strenuous activities and will be provided with postoperative instructions to ensure proper and speedy healing.

  • Preparation

As with any surgical cosmetic procedure, you will to follow pre-operative instructions to prepare for your FUT hair transplant, which usually begins two weeks prior to your surgery date.

  1. Stop taking blood thinners, aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications and prescription medications that increase bleeding during surgery
  2. Stop taking Vitamin E, B Vitamins or multivitamin supplements containing these, as these increase the risk of bleeding
  3. Stop smoking and alcohol drinking
  4. Begin taking Vitamin C supplements to promote proper wound healing during recovery
  5. If you have graying or light-colored hair, dyeing your hair will be required three days prior to your surgery.
Advantages of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Here are five good reasons why the FUT hair transplant technique may be the best option compared with the other technique called Folliculate Unit Extraction (FUE).

1. Maximized number of hair grafts

FUT is considered to be a much simpler process, but allows a maximum of 3,500 grafts harvested and transplanted in just one successful session.

2. Less Hair Grafts Damage

The extraction process involved in FUT reduces follicular graft transection, ensuring superior graft survivability.

3. Lesser Trauma, Better Coverage

While FUT is more intrusive, it is actually less traumatizing on your scalp because it does not involve repeated punches that is done in FUE.

4. The Faster Option

Because FUT involves precise teamwork between the surgeon and team of hair technicians, it can be performed faster.

5. More Affordable Method

FUT is significantly cheaper because it is less laborious and meticulous.

Before and After FUT Hair Transplant by Dr Andrew Kim

View our images of Before and After FUT Hair Transplant surgery.

AIHR Hair transplant before and after dr andrew kim

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your suitability to FUT hair transplant surgery will be determined upon careful and thorough consultation with our hair transplant surgeon Dr. Andrew Kim. As part of the assessment, the following factors will be considered to find out whether you are a good candidate for the procedure:

  • Hair loss cause
  • Extent of hair loss
  • Availability of donor hairs and skin laxity
  • General health
  • Realistic expectations

This will greatly depend on the extent of your hair loss and the availability of donor hair to meet your current and future needs. This can be determined by using the Norwood Scale for male pattern baldness.

Image Source:
TYPE 1800 to 1,400
TYPE 21,000 to 1,600
TYPE 31,600 to 2,200
TYPE 42,000 to 2,600
TYPE 52,200 to 2,800
TYPE 62,800 to 3,400
TYPE 73,000 to 3,600

FUT hair transplant cost in Australia range from $6 to $8 per graft. This will be discussed in detail during your confidential consultation. For more information, please read more here.

You do not need to cut your hair prior to your surgery. In fact, it is advisable to keep your hair long, as this helps cover the incision on the donor site after the procedure.

New hair regrowth on the recipient area will begin two to five months after your transplanted hair undergoes natural hair shock loss, which is happens two to three weeks from your surgery date. From there, your hair will continue to grow. Best results can be observed after one year.

Dr. Kim uses the latest in donor closure technology called Trichophytic Closure. This results in a very fine linear scar that is practically invisible even with a hairstyle cut with a number 2 or 3 clipper.

Dr. Kim Service and Expertise

At the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration (AIHR), your FUT hair transplant procedure will be performed under the expert hands of Dr. Andrew Kim, who has over 10 years of experience in performing the hair restoration technique.

Dr. Kim also uses the newest equipment and latest technology to ensure excellent aesthetic outcome and better hair growth results. Along with his skilled medical team, Dr. Kim follows on the industry’s gold standards in providing you quality service and natural-looking hair results.

If you want to provide a permanent solution to your hair loss problem with FUT hair transplant surgery, call us now or fill-out our inquiry form to learn more about the procedure and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kim!



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