Hair Transplant and Medical Tourism: What You Need to Know?

Hair Transplant Surgery Abroad

Medical tourism has indeed increased in popularity over the years, and a lot of patients from developed nations are taking advantage of this. And a large part of this goes to cosmetic surgeries. For a much cheaper price, they can get the enhancements that they want. But one common cosmetic surgery is hair transplants.

The medical tourism is a term that was first introduced by travel agencies when patients from developed nations go to less developed countries for medical care. From surgeries, dental treatment cosmetic surgeries and even dialysis cruises are now made available for the patient at a significantly lower price as they would have it back home.

For those with receding hairlines, or those individuals who have gone totally bald, they go for having their hair transplant abroad. Some people raise concerns over this questioning if the services provided have safe and quality results. They also raise doubts about the general standards of care that is held by a certain clinic in another continent.

What medical tourism ensures is quality care at a much affordable price. This means that the services provided are done by doctors or surgeons with a high level of skills.

For hair transplant surgery, in particular, there are a number of surgeons worldwide who are able to perform this with meticulous precision and quality. Most of these surgeons have also earned degrees, training and experience abroad which they can share back in their own countries. But even so even those trained locally were also seen to be highly competent.

But for patients, it is important that you take the following measures to ensure that you choose a good surgeon. Despite the success and popularity that it has been reaping, medical tourism also has its downside.

There are surgeons who claim that they are repairing many botched surgeries done abroad. This also highlights the fact that medical tourism lacks an adequate follow-up that is supposed to be done after the procedure. That is why any problem or complication is done by surgeons back in the patient’s own country.

If you are interested in getting your hair transplant surgery abroad, here are important tips to remember:

1. Research the medical tourism packages that are offered. Know the coverage of the service and see if the safety and quality of the procedure is made top priority.

2. Know your doctor well. Dig into information that is available on the net or through email correspondence and phone calls. Ask about his credentials, patient reviews and even before and after photos of past surgeries. Be extensive with your research because you are not only entrusting your money but also your body to this person.

3. Research the clinic. One important factor when it comes to choosing hair transplant clinic is its cleanliness and safety.  Be sure that it has due certifications and accreditation to ensure that you are getting the best service under excellent facilities.

Medical tourism in other developed countries has also become an option. Today hair transplant Australia is also gaining interest and good reviews.


Dr. Andrew Kim specializes in surgical hair restoration and is committed in providing his clients the most satisfactory results. He is the founder of  Australian Institute of Hair Restoration which operates in Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney in Australia.