Why is an FUE Hair Transplant a Good Idea?


Hair Transplant FUE Recovery

Balding is never a good thing and the men who are affected with the condition used to cower in shame or hide their baldness with toupees, wigs, or hats. This is pretty understandable because hair loss can pretty much crush a man’s ego. It is the signal that tells a man that he is  over the hill and nobody will ever want you. But that was a couple of years ago and there is now a good solution to this life changing condition and that is the Follicular Unit Extraction.

Celebrity FUE Patients

This technology has not gone undetected and has become increasingly popular that even celebrities have sworn by it. Such famous people included television and film actor James Nesbitt who has openly praised FUE as the reason for his restored confidence, American actor Brendan Fraser who used to be one of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who was not really balding but took it as a preventive measure, English professional football player Wayne Rooney who even announced his use of the procedure on Twitter, and funnyman John Cleese who is living proof that such procedures can succeed, even in old age.

What is FUE?

Also known as follicular transfer (FT), it is regarded as one of the main ways of getting follicular units, with the other one as strip harvesting. This procedure involves the harvesting of individual follicular units from the donor area of the patients one at a time. With the lightning speed of technology at hand, the procedure has developed into its advanced state which expertly allows the creation of larger donor pools which is done by harvesting follicles from different areas aside from the head which include the chest, legs, arms, abdomen, back, face and even the beard.

A specialized and advanced device is used to extract the follicular units along with the necessary glands. All of this is done under a high-powered microscope. Since this is a minimally invasive procedure and done with local anesthesia, there are hardly no scars detected after.

What are Follicular Units?

There used to be a time when it was thought that scalp hair grows in individual strands. This has been debunked by the discovery that it really grows in tiny groups known as follicular units. Such a discovery means that one adult follicular unit is made-up of 1-4 terminal (fully grown) hair follicles and that hair is logically harvested as units to ensure the survival and growth of the units.

Who are the Best Candidates for FUE?

For this procedure, the prime candidates are those who need treatment for androgenetic alopecia and patients who have minimal to moderate hair loss. It is also recommended for those who want to get rid of their widow’s peak and those who are required to undergo hair transplant for their eyebrows, eyelashes, and mustaches. FUE is also good for individuals with scalps that are too tight for strip excision and those with donor areas outside of the scalp.

Hair Transplant FUE Results?

This procedure has a lot of benefits that make it a popular choice for its patrons. Aside from being internationally recognized, it has a myriad of benefits that would take away your doubts about the procedure and they are the following:

Hair Transplant Scar-free Results

Hair transplant procedures are known to leave linear and big scars on the back of your head which is the exact thing that people who go under the knife would not want to have. However, with the advanced technology of the procedure, it would be difficult to determine if the patient actually had the procedure and definitely helps make the procedure very natural. It also assures that you have any linear scars across the back of your head, giving you more choices for the hairstyle you want to have.

Unaffected Donor Area

With this procedure, the donor area would not be affected and shall remain unchanged after the procedure. Protecting the source of healthy hair follicles should be a priority and this procedure ensures it.

Natural Look 

Transplants should never look obvious because that just defeats the purpose. It’s like wearing the wrong kind of wig and people laugh behind your back because of it. You will never have this problem because the transplanted hair shall look as the other natural hair they were transplanted to. Another reason for the natural look is the direction that the hair is implanted, which is matched with the direction that your hair grows. The healthy follicles used also make the affected area look densely filled. This makes it the best choice for concealing scars that were left behind by the strip harvests before the procedure.

Hairline Where it Should Be 

One factor that makes thinning hair obvious is the hairline this procedure assures you of that natural hairline that adds to the youthful look that you want to achieve. It is the first thing that people see aside from the actual thinning and should be one of the priorities of anybody who wants to have this procedure.

Hair Transplant FUE Recovery Quick Period 

In the olden days, healing for hair transplants actually took months, which is not ideal for patients who cannot afford to have long downtime. With this procedure, you just need a couple of days because there were no scalpels used in the treatment nor stitches after the treatment. This also accounts for not having wounds, which easily makes it quicker for the procedure to heal. Such speed affords you the chance to get back to your normal life and even have a short haircut if you want. Should minor discomfort occur, you can take mild analgesics to take care of them.

Painless to the Patient

For those who are afraid of the slightest feel of pain, this is your dream procedure because it is minimally invasive and is carried out under local anesthetic, the type that dentists use. Patients can actually watch T.V. or sleep while going through the procedure and you can actually even drive yourself home because it would be like nothing happened to you.

Guaranteed Consistency 

It is common for some procedures to produce different results, depending on the patient involved. However, because of the advanced technology that it utilizes, FUE has become globally recognized for its consistency in providing great results for all of its clients. Such technology gives allows the doctor to control the way the hair grows and place the hair follicles in such a way that your are left with a head with fuller hair.

Almost Infection Proof

There can be instances when hair transplants cause infection, but with this approach, you are guaranteed to be safe from this dreaded result because of the procedure’s less invasive nature. This concern is actually a fear of a lot of patients, especially the ones who are having it done for the first time.

Larger Harvesting Area

With this procedure, there is a possibility for an expansion of the donor hair reserves including the donor’s chest, abdomen, and beard, specifically for those with low donor hair supply and high recipient demand. It also makes it possible for some additional grafts on a patient who has depleted the donor area to be harvested.

To learn more if FUE hair transplant is the treatment for you, Dr. Andrew Kim of the Australian Institute of Hair Restoration is the one of the best doctors in Australia to approach. Dr. Kim has an extensive experience in both FUE and FUT hair transplant. To schedule your consultation, call us now or fill-out our inquiry form today!