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Reduce Forehead Size

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The Notebook star Rachel has a pretty large forehead but we think she carries the big head quite well.

Let us give it a rundown – Christina Ricci, Rachel McAdams, Tyra Banks and Neil Patrick Harris. What do these Hollywood celebrities have in common? Apart from being talented in their own fields, they share one distinct physical characteristic.

Have you guessed it?

Well, they are all proud of their big foreheads. Harris even quipped that “I have a very large forehead. I have a pronounced skull. Maybe producers think there is a lot going on up in there”, while Banks proudly embraces her ample forehead by calling it the “Tyra fivehead.”

The Perfect Forehead and Hairline

Of course, this “flawsome” feature (as Banks puts it) has become their trademark, which they have fully embraced it. But for some, a prominent forehead has become the source of embarrassment instead of pride. More so for those who have a big forehead because of the dreaded hair loss.

A receding hairline is disconcerting in itself already because of the stigma that is associated with it. This is further aggravated because a change in the size of the forehead can certainly affect the symmetry of your face. What once was a proportioned facial feature can look unattractive. This beauty perception is relevant regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. And in most hair loss cases, the hairline is one of the areas of the head that becomes affected first, especially in men more than in women.

When it comes to facial proportion, we rarely think about the size of the forehead. More often than not, we think about the symmetry between the eyes, the size of the nose and the shape of the lips in relation to each other. In fact, there is even a study that revealed two “Golden Ratios”, which are considered to be attractive.

While these two ratios do not include the size of the forehead, it still has an effect on the facial structure in order for the face to be considered beautiful. There are resources that even say that the size of the forehead should be at least one-fourth of the size of the face. No wonder it is called a forehead.

There are actually several to correct the size of a forehead. All are performed with the objective of providing a more natural forehead shape and contour to either improve a feminine feature or improve a masculine feature.

Eyebrow Transplant

Also referred to as browplasty or forehead lift, the brow lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that is mainly performed to elevate a drooping eyebrow or to improve the appearance of extensive skin wrinkling and sagging. Essentially, it is one of the in-demand surgical cosmetic procedures to correct skin ageing. However, it can also be used to either reduce or even enlarge a forehead. This can be achieved depending on the incision used.

In the case of forehead reduction, an anterior brow lift is usually recommended, where the incision is made just along the hairline. The great advantage of getting a brow lift is that it can correct skin ageing, while at the same time addressing the issued of a large forehead. However, the brow lift is a very invasive procedure and will require a downtime of at least seven days and recovery can take at least six months after the procedure.

Forehead Reduction Surgery

This is referred to in different terms, which include Hairline Lowering Surgery, Foreheadplasty and Hairline Correction, among many others. This procedure surgically reduces the height of the forehead, as well as corrects the recession of the hairline. Similar to the anterior brow lift, an incision is made along the hairline, which spans from temple to temple. However, the forehead reduction surgery may also involve the reshaping of the forehead bones and, in certain cases, the orbital bones, as well.

Similar to a brow lift, a forehead reduction surgery entails downtime and involves a recovery period.

Hair Transplant Surgery

However, there is a less invasive cosmetic procedure to help you in forehead reduction. A hair transplant surgery procedure is especially perfect for those who are suffering from hair loss, specifically male pattern baldness, which can significantly increase the size of the forehead because of a receding hairline. However, even without the occurrence of hair loss, hair transplant surgery can still be employed to lower or reduce a large forehead. In fact, advancing the hairline actually involves one of the most important aspects of hair transplant surgery, which is hairline design.

before-and-after-fut-hair-transplant-sydney-melbourne-dr-andrew-kimMinimizing a large forehead, by lowering hairline using surgical hair restoration, can be performed as long as there is an adequate donor hair. It involves carefully harvesting hair grafts from the donor site and transplanting these follicles to the hairline. However, it involves a meticulous process of choosing 1 and 2 hair follicular grafts to achieve the most natural of results.

In addition, the placement of the new hairline should be conservative with a new hairline that starts about 7 to 8 cm above the brows. Apart from that, your age, ethnicity and your hair loss condition, if any, should also be considered when designing your new hairline.

Reducing the size of the forehead with this procedure requires a hair transplant surgeon who has delicate technical skills and an aesthetic eye for detail to make sure that the result is natural-looking.

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