Breaking Down Hair Transplant Cost in Australia

Cheap Hair Transplant?

When it comes to hair restoration, some remain apprehensive at the thought of getting a more dramatic surgical intervention. Aside from the invasive nature of the procedure, the cost is also making people resort to other cheaper choices. So what makes hair transplant expensive? Here is a breakdown of a hair transplant to help you understand why it costs the way it does.

Hair Transplant Surgeon’s Fee

If you want to have a successful hair transplant procedure, you need to make sure that you find a certified hair transplant surgeon. He should have the training, the expertise, and the experience considering that this is a very delicate procedure involving very limited resources. With all these skills required of a surgeon it is only expected that it is going to cost you a few thousand dollars.

You should look out for those surgeons who claim to give you a much cheaper price compared to the usual quotes. This could be just a method to attract more customers but yields poor results. A good and reputable doctor would expectedly give larger quotes on his service because quality is going to cost you more.

Cost of Hair Graft

Each hair graft is also going to cost you a couple of bucks. It varies for each clinic, some costing around $3 to $6. The reason why you have to pay for it even though they came out straight off your head is the very delicate process that goes into removing them. It takes careful precision to ensure that the integrity of each follicular unit is maintained so that they remain viable for implantation.

The amount that you have to pay for the hair grafts would depend on the number that you need to cover your problem. You can get a quote that is specific to your case after a personal consult with a surgeon.

Cost of Facilities/ Theater Fee

This is the part of your bill that will pay for the use of the facilities. From the maintenance of the place to the instruments that is used, this amount will cover these essentials to ensure you that quality service will continually be served.

Anesthesia Fee

Although you won’t need any general anesthesia, but a local one instead. This is also a significant amount that will go on your tab. Anesthesia is an essential to ensure the procedure will go out smoothly with less discomfort. In addition to that, this is a controlled substance and it also requires certain precaution prior to administration because untoward reactions can lead to fatal consequences.
Venue for Surgery

Although it is not really part of the surgical process, but the venue where the hair transplant surgery will be done also affects pricing. In some areas it is going to cost more compared to others. But usually surgeons in a particular region agree on a common price for uniformity.

Consultation Fee

In some cases a consultation will be billed separately from the entire hair transplant cost. It typically runs around a hundred dollars plus per consult.