How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Australia?


Losing so much hair can create a harsh blow to your confidence and self-esteem. But you can choose to live with it or fix the problem.

Hair transplant surgery may be considered to be a reliable method of fixing hair loss, but it is also the most expensive. Adding to that, you are risking what is left of your hair especially when you don’t entrust this procedure to an experienced and certified hair surgeon.

That is why if you want to go for hair transplant to restore good hair coverage, it is important that you choose a reliable hair surgeon.

Here are important tips to consider when doing so.

Dr Andrew Kim, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Check the Surgeon’s Credentials

In Australia, it is important to be aware that a specialist standing is not essential to perform hair transplant surgery, but this serves as an indication of advanced training.

But if you want to make sure that you are getting the best treatment, it is essential that the surgeon has extensive experience performing hair transplants. Attending conferences and workshops would also tell that the surgeon keeps up to date with the current techniques in the surgical practice.

Ask About the Surgeon’s Experience

Knowing the length of time that the surgeon has in practice also speaks for his experience, particularly in performing a certain hair transplant approach. You can also ask how many surgical procedures he has performed and how many patients he typically handles in a day. This will tell you if the surgeon takes time with each of his patients, or if he is more concerned of how many he can accommodate in a day.

Previous patients can also speak for a surgeon’s quality of work. You can find this information in online forums or reviews. But some doctors would also provide you with phone numbers of past patients who are willing to be references.

But don’t let their account stand to be enough; it also helps to ask for before and after photos. Through this you can check and scrutinize the surgeon’s work, and whether this is the look that you are going for.


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Inquire about the Surgeon’s Surgical Team

Hair transplant surgery cannot be done by the surgeon alone. It would require the help of nurses or hair specialists to ensure the best results. Graft survival is also reliant on prompt and careful handling. That is why you it is only right for you to ask how many are typically involved in an operating team.

In addition to the expertise of the surgeon, it is also important that his team also possess the right skills to assist him. They will be handling delicate grafts that are also limited in amount, therefore it is also essential that they know how to handle these. They should have precise cutting skills and a good hand to eye coordination among others.

Remember these reminders when you go on a consultation for hair transplant in Australia. Be a wise consumer, and always demand for the best services.  That is why, do your homework and ask the pertinent questions, and you are on the right track to successful hair restoration.

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